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We have got different organizations of the DRDO like Aeronautical Development Establishment, Bengaluru, Advanced Numerical Research & Analysis Group, Hyderabad, Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Bengaluru, Defence Electronics Application Laboratory, Dehradun etc. on board with us as the final buyers. They need specific machinery to be imported from Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Israel etc. Vacancies are to be grabbed for becoming the Registered Vendor of these esteemed organization and get opportunity to take part in DRDO Tenders.

Magnitech Engineers is all geared up to take you there and take care of all the rigmarole involved. You have to invest knowing that your investment will have a very short gestation-period and you can start the order’s execution in as less as 24 hours. The entire process becomes seamlessly swift, with us playing a perfect bridge between you and these top-tier organizations. After ascertaining the requirement at an organization, we make its representatives co-ordinate with the Foreign Suppliers and also update the clientele regarding all Defence DRDO Projects and DRDO Tenders.

We obtain Budgetary Offer in your favour, i.e. the Registered Vendor, submit it to the End-user, i.e. the organization and subsequently obtain sanctions and tender-release from it.

We help you sail through the Technical and Financial Committee meetings, qualify for the tender and win the contract for the supply. You have to submit a Bank-Guarantee to the organization and you get the all-important Purchase Orders from it. You as a Registered Vendor assign the orders to the Supporting Vendors, they have to confirm the deal on mail and simultaneously submit the specified Bank-Guarantee to you.

We get you establish a defined synchronization between the Foreign Suppliers and the Supporting Vendors so that a proper Proforma Invoice for the import-items is prepared in favour of the Supporting Vendors and accordingly terms and conditions are followed and the agreed payment is transferred to the Foreign Suppliers. Items are delivered on the address specified by you and the billing is made on the Supporting Vendors. Adhering to the High Sea Sale Agreement between you and the Supporting Vendors, they collect PDCs against the endorsement and hand you over High Sea Sale documents.

We assist you in acquiring Custom Duty Exemption Certificate from the organization which allows you to get the items cleared from Customs. In some cases, you may have to pay the requisite Custom Duty to get the items cleared. Finally, you submit the imported items to the organization and obtain the Inspection Report with the clearance which follows with the agreed payment-transfer in your favour. Magnitech Engineers steers you through this entire series of events without a glitch.Keeping Clients Updated with All Active DRDO Tenders.

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The Indian Defence – DRDO is looking for Indian Manufacturers as a part of the Make in India initiative. Are you willing to be one of them? Get in touch with us today for Defence Registration.

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