OEM & Other Manufacturers [ M- 1 ]

This is the model designed for those Manufacturers producing Engineering Components or Captive items and who are interested in entering into the supply of their manufactured goods in various Defence organisations like DRDO, Indian Navy and Indian Air force by becoming a REGISTERED VENDOR. We Support Manufacturers in DRDO TENDER Procurements.

We shall draw the attention of the END USERS for the supply of the produce that is manufactured by various organisations and exhibit the intention to Register in Defence and become a REGISTERED VENDOR or Supplier to these organisations and promote manufacturers to participate in Active DRDO TENDERS. Normally, it takes about 3 to 4 months to get registered in these organisations. A comprehensive study of the requirement by Magnitech Engineers shall be held regarding the items that are required in various units of Defence Sector and further correlate the requirement with proper specifications of the product to be supplied and fronted with samples for approval by the END USER. Since it requires previous experience to become a REGISTERED VENDOR for Defence Supplies, Magnitech Engineers assists clientele in Various DRDO TENDER Procurement Process.


All the credentials of the Manufacturer shall be fronted along with the presentations of the products accordingly we encourage the vendor to take part in DRDO TENDERS. In some cases, we may have to produce some samples for the authenticity and for the approvals. Depending on the funds allocated by the Manufacturer, the supply orders are drawn in favour of the REGISTERED VENDOR. If the orders drawn are valued in multiples of Crores by the REGISTERED VENDOR from the END USER we suggest to go ahead with an SUB-VENDOR model thereby adding value to the existing Manufacturers entity supporting Make in India and Made in India concept.

Sequential Operations for Executing Defence Order
Interested in knowing the steps involved in getting a Defence Order? We have prepared a process chart to help you understand the process.

  • Defence Organisation
  • Sourcing of requirement by Magnitech Engineers
  • Co-ordinating with the Foreign Supplier ( End-User/ Magnitech Engineers/ Representative of Foreign Supplier)
  • Obtaining Budgetary offer in favour of Registered Vendor
  • Submission of Budgetary offer to Defence Organisation
  • Obtaining of sanctions and release of Tender by Defence Organisation
  • Attending the Technical & Financial Committee meetings (TPC meetings)
  • Qualifying for the Tender and winning the Contract for the supply
  • Submission of Bank Guarantee by the Registered Vendor to Defence Organisation
  • Purchase Orders to Registered Vendor from Defence Organisations (Accusense Technologies / Ionnix Aero-tech Pvt Ltd/Apollo Micro Systems Pvt Ltd)
  • Foreign Supplier Co-ordination by Registered Vendor
  • Seeking Proforma Invoice for the item to be imported in favour of Registered Vendor
  • Amount transfer to Foreign Supplier/Compliance of terms as per Proforma Invoice
  • Instructions to Foreign Supplier, instructing for the item to be sent to Shipping Address (Registered Vendor) and Billing on the Payer
  • Obtaining CDEC with the End-User
  • Clearing of goods from Customs by Registered Vendor with the submission of CDEC (Custom Duty Exemption Certificate) or by payment of Customs Duty
  • Submission of items to Defence Organisation (End-User)
  • Obtaining Inspection Report/Clearances from End-User
  • Receipt of the payment from the End-User to the Registered Vendor

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