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Over 26 Years of Experience Providing Multi-Pronged Consultancy Services in DRDO / Indian Navy &

Air Force to Help Client Achieve Result – Centric Marketing for Products and Services


Magnitech Engineers with the experience of more than 26 Years, provide multi-pronged consultancy-services that help the clientele with result-centric marketing for their products or services.

We assist in creating joint venture consortiums and also ensure pre-bid arrangements with Government/ Semi-Government/ Public & Private undertakings.

We impart invaluable consultancy to our clients in preparing documents required  …



Trading Module ​[ T – 1 ]

Obtain an Implausible Opportunity to register into Indian Defence. Work as a Sub-Vendor initially with Registered Vendor and complete three cycles each for 120 days, get good profit margin during the course and get a chance to get empanelled in top organisations like

OEM & Other
Manufacturers [ M – 1 ]

MANUFACTURERS are like Farmers. What to sow which is value added, gets good returns, make progress, expends are some major key factors that what we strongly believe and act accordingly. We guide our Clientele constantly as MANUFACTURERS with our prominent consultancy.

FMCG & Durables Manufacturers [ M – 2 ]

We invite the desired Manufacturers of Consumer Products & Durables to unleash your Business with one of the most lucrative activities in Canteen and Departmental Stores of Public Sector Units, Semi-Government Organizations and Canteen Stores Department also known as CSD.

Invaluable Business Opportunity to Serve the Indian Defense