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Defence Research & Development Organisation.

Established in 1992, its more than 26 years

Having associated with these organisations for several years it is obvious that the requirements are mostly regular and for specific assignments the attention of particular sections shall be drawn.

Once the requirement is configured from the End-user the immediate step is to confirm with the Foreign Supplier regarding the deliverables, time frame etc.

To obtain sanctions from the Financial Committee for the amount specified by the End-User for a specific product to be procured

The expertise in handling a particular Foreign Suppliers material and the previous relation with the Foreign Supplier.

Technically No. Because the process adopted by DRDO is through tendering.

Open Tender or Limited Tender depending upon the intricacies involved in procuring various items. In some cases it may be a Order based on Nomination.

A Committee which evaluates all the technical aspects of a transaction after submission of tenders in the form of Technical and Financial Bids. The committee is known as Technical Processing Committee.

All the Criteria that is required to satisfy the Committee which is authorised to evaluate technically.

Customs Duty Exemption Certificate.

Varies from 5% – 10% of the Order Value.

As a Sub-Vendor one can start with as low as Rs.50.00 lakhs

We have configured with 120 days in general. But otherwise it all depends upon the products that we handle and the delivery period.

about 20% per cycle of 120 days