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We have got different organizations of the Indian Navy on board with us as the final buyers. Different components related to Tupolev 142M aircraft, Sea Harrier (Fighter), Kamov28, Kamov31, IL-385D helicopter etc. have to be imported from suppliers like JSC Rosoboronexports, Russia, JSC Oboronprom, Russia, Specstechnoexports, Ukraine etc. and to be supplied to the units at Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Vizag, Kochi and Goa.

A great opening awaits you to get empanelled as the registered vendor of these well-regarded organizations. Magnitech Engineers is keen and confident to hold your hands and well-prepared to tackle all the procedures involved. We guarantee you that your investment will have an enormous return and that too, in a very short period of time. With us, you can kick off with processing the order within less than 24 hours of getting it. Over the years, we have evolved with a set pattern of actions to get the entire process flawlessly speedy.

As a fluid connector, we locate various requirements at these top-notch organizations of the Indian Navy.

It’s your imperative to choose the organization and the requirement as per your interest and the area of work. Magnitech Engineers arranges a meeting between the organization’s representatives and the chosen Foreign Suppliers. You as a Registered Vendor get Budgetary Offer in your favour to put it forward to the organization, i.e. the End-user and then get hold of sanctions and tender-release from it.

We make you prepared for the Technical and Financial Committee meetings, meet the criteria of the tender and grab the contract for the supply. After furnishing a Bank-Guarantee to the End-user, we help you get the Purchase Orders from it. You as a Registered Vendor allocate the orders to the enlisted Supporting Vendors. These Supporting Vendors authenticate the agreement communicating to you on the mail and concurrently submit the specified Bank-Guarantee to you.

We play a definitive collaborator for you in having the Foreign Suppliers and the Supporting Vendors work in tandem with each other. An accurate Pro Forma Invoice for the import-items is prepared in favour of the Supporting Vendors and in view of that, stipulations are adhered to from both the sides with a fixed payment-transfer to the Foreign Suppliers. Delivery of the Items takes place on the location given by you and the billing is made on the Supporting Vendors.

Following the High Sea Sale Agreements between you and the Supporting Vendors, they collect PDCs against the endorsement and give you the possession of the High Sea Sale papers. Now after obtaining Custom Duty Exemption Certificate from the End-user, you get the items from Customs. In some circumstances, you may have to disburse the mandatory Custom Duty to get the items in the possession.

At last, you deliver the imported items to the End-user and get the Inspection Report with the authorization which ensues with the decided disbursement in your favour. Magnitech Engineers stands with you at every step of this sequence with the adequate conviction and dynamism.

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